Velvet: the most luxurious trend of Fall


A huge trend of the nineties is back. And how! Velvet is now totally back on track. The fabric is very soft, chic and fashionable.

The trend has already permeated the wardrobe of celebrities like Victoria Beckham, Kendall Jenner and Nicole Kidman.

So, when I saw an amazing jumpsuit of┬áPinko, I could not resist to jump on the velvet bandwagon this season with my new jumpsuit ­čÖé

Velvet jumpsuit

Velvet jumpsuit by Pinko

How to choose velvet?

These days, you can find velvet everywhere.

Dresses, skirts and jackets can be found in this soft fabric. Even accessories like shoes and handbags are made of it. But accept one rule in this trend: don’t exaggerate. Choose one item in this fabric and add other fabrics like cotton or cashmere to it.

The right cut is everything. As it can be a quite heavy fabric, you have to be sure that it doens’t make you look bigger. So, look for the right cut and color for your body. Especially lighter colors can make you look bigger as you are.

As my jumpsuit is all black, I don’t have to worry much about that.

You can also choose for an accessory in velvet like shoes or handbag. They add that posh effect to your outfit and, at the same time, you prove to be aware of the latest trends without taking any risks.


How to wear velvet as a casual look

Remember: keep it simple.

Don’t exaggerate with jewelry as the velvet gives you already that dressy look. Add a pair of sneakers to it and a bomber or leather jacket, and you are ready to hit the town.

During the day, black or old pink velvet are the best colors to choose from.

Velvet jacket by Shirtaporter

How to wear velvet at a party

Bordeaux red velvet is perfect to wear going to a party. This color adds that extra stylish look. Add a pair of high heels to rock the dance floor.


I’m wearing a jumsuit of Pinko, bag of Pinko. The shoes are from Closed and jacket is Shirtaporter. Outfit available @noirboetiek.

So what are you waiting for?

xxx Isabelle




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