Simplicity is the key to sophistication

Simplicity is the key to sophistication

‘Simplicity is the key to sophistication’, a quote of Leonardo Da Vinci.

A simple outfit can be very sophisticated. Then it’s all about the details to draw the attention.

What about me today ?

I’m wearing a light blue boyfriend jeans of Filipa K with a white t-shirt of Iro in linen.

boyfriend jeans
Boyfriend jeans, white T shirt

I prefer linen in summer because of its comfort during warm days. The t-shirt is also a little oversized which gives it a sporty but classy look.

The boyfriend jeans is now very cool pushing the skinny jeans a bit aside. In latest trends, you see the boyfriend model more often as well as the mom jeans, known as the jeans which was also very fashionable in the eighties. Everything comes back!

Looking for the basics

This look is a good basic to start with. Everyone needs to have a good t-shirt and a nice pair of jeans as basics in her closet. As you can wear it a lot, it’s nice to have good quality, so end-of-season sale is perfect to look for these items. To my opinion, good high-quality basics are worth the investment rather than buying the next it-item which lasts only one season.

How to put this look to a higher level ?

Adding a flashy handbag or some nice jewels will take your look to a higher level making it even more sophisticated.

When you add high heals and a blazer, it will be a more classic look.

When you put on some simple white sneakers and a bomber or leather jacket, you are ready to rock.

The right accessoires make the difference and your look in the end!

Fine silver jewelry

Make a statement !

To make a statement, wear designer sunglasses like the Dior So Real which is a hot shot already a few years. These can make your look a lot more fancy. To me, the Dior sunglasses will last for a long time, so it is worth the investment.

Hope you liked my look and get some inspiration of it.

xxx, Isabelle



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