When a romantic dress meets rockbag

When romantic meets rock

They say that opposites attrack and give each other some balance.

To me, this is very true in clothing.

How can you spice up a romantic dress?

I’m wearing a silk romantic dress of Mauro Grifoni which is rather classic because of the flowers and the pleated skirt. I was wondering for a long time  how I could rock this dress and give it that cooler look.

Then I found the perfect bag to spice it up! It’s a bag from Les Petits Joueurs.

To me,  this bag adds a little rock and roll to the dress because of the combination of the black colour, together with the metal chain and the Lego-inspired front which is pretty unique. On this bag, there is ‘LOVE’ on to it.

romantic dress meets rockbag
Dress of Mauro Grifoni

Les Petits Joueurs

I discovered the brand ‘Les Petits Joueurs ‘ already a few years ago.

It is a thriving luxury handbag brand, founded in 2013 in Florence, Italy.

They are fun and fashionable Lego mosaic bags which feature just the right mix of playfulness and chic.

Because of its modern designs and unique materials, the bags are often used by bloggers, influencers and celebrities.

Also, during Fashion Weeks, the brand is one of the most photographed accessory.

The luxury purses are produced by hand in limited quantities. You can discover the whole collection here: lespetitsjoueurs.

Handbag of Les Petits Joueurs

As it is a luxury purse, it is also a luxury price, if you know what I mean, so I was very happy to buy this rockbag in sales at riostore

This is one of the most beautiful shops in Ghent. When you visit Ghent, you should definitely check it out!

How do you rock your clothes?

I’d love to hear your thoughts!

xxx Isabelle








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