How to wear the oversized trend this Fall

Where did we pic up this trend?

The oversided trend is already a few years really into fashion.

Launched by high end fashion designer brands like Chloe, Gucci and of course Balenciaga, it has become one of every day streetlooks.

But the key is to wear it right, to keep a stylish look and not to create an outfit that makes you look bigger than you are.

How to wear the oversized trend?

When you go big on the top, you just need to go slim at the bottom and also the other way around. When you do both, you look massive and that is just the point you want to avoid.

As you can see right below, I’m wearing an oversized coat as a cover-up. But underneath it, I combine it with a smaller t-shirt and trousers to avoid that massive look.

Adding a belt is an other way to add a little shape and structure to your look.

As seen on this picture I took on the latest fashionshow of asuivre. They combine an oversized coat with belt and skinny jeans. Then you still add that feminine touch to your look.

Oversized coat with skinny jeans, look created by asuivre

What about the accessories?

With oversized clothes, less is more. As you draw the attention to the volume, keeping simple the accessories like your shoes, bag and jewelry, is the best way not to look overdressed.

I’m combining my oversized sweater with a shoulder bag, which I wear as a clutch, and simple clean sneakers. My sweater is from Acne studios and I’m wearing it with my skinny trousers from Zara.

The bag is from Stella McCartney, it is the famous Falabella bag which gives my outfit a touch of grunge. I can wear the bag as a shoulder bag or as a clutch.

The sneakers are from CLOSED, a great German brand, known for its pure quality and understated look.

I’m curious on how you wear this trend.

xxx Isabelle





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