Falltrends: cosy knitwear, big sleeves and wide pants

Falltrends 2017

Unfortunately, we can not ignore that Fall has come and shall stay for a while.
Luckily, there are some great falltrends that came up!

I’m happy to show you a few must-haves for your closet!

Sweater of Consept

Falltrends: cosy knitwear

What is more comfy and nice to wear when temperature is dropping down and you are not in the mood yet to wear a wintercoat?

Knitwear is definitely the answer. I love to wear comfy and soft knitwear, made of good quality cashmere or wool. It gives you the warmth you need and in the meantime a very sophisticated timeless look.

Falltrends: big sleeves

It is already a few seasons that big sleeves are a huge trend. I love to wear it in a simple way, drawing the attention on the sleeves while keeping the rest of my outfit clean. Of course, you can combine this trend with the previous one I mentioned, as you can see below.

I’m wearing a comfy sweater with big sleeves, and I’m combining it with pants in the same color to keep my outfit clean but sophisticated. When you are wearing an outfit in only one color,┬á you give the impression to be taller and thinner. Isn’t that what we all want? ­čśë

My favourite knitwear of the moment is a sweater I’ve got from Consept, a great new brand of asuivre. You can shop at asuivre in different Belgian cities. I love this outfit because of the wide sleeves in combination with a simple design for the rest.

Sweater with wide sleeves
Wide sleeves

Falltrends: wide pants

Oh my god, wide pants! I still need to get used to this trend as I always wear skinny trousers or chino pants or a boyfriend jeans.

But still, wide pants are very trending!

If you are lucky to have already one in your closet (I don’t :-)), you must combine it with something quite tight above, to balance your look.

With high heals underneath it, you create a very chic look. Sneakers are making it more sporty.

How do you update your closet for Fall?

Love to hear your thoughts,

xxx, Isabelle


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