Christian Wijnants: a fantastic Belgian designer

About  Christian Wijnants

The Belgian designer Christian Wijnants presented his collection at Paris fashion weeks and is sold at boutiques and department stores worldwide. He has a flagship store in Anwerp as well.

The Christian Wijnants flagship store in Antwerp

Born in 1977 in Brussels, Christian Wijnants moved to Antwerp in 1996 to study fashion design at the Royal Academy of Fine arts.

After his graduation, winning the Dries Van Noten award for best collection in 2000, he worked with Dries Van Noten in Antwerp and Angelo Tarlazzi in Paris.

Christian Wijnants launched his own label in 2003. He told his students at the Academy of fashion in Antwerp the hows, does and don’ts about knitwear.

Signature of Christian Wijnants

He loves to work with knitwear and unique prints to create that very unique piece. He often layers his prints one after one, which gives that authenticity and luxurious touch to an outfit.

When I recently visited his flagship store in Antwerp, I was so excited about his fall/winter collection 2017/2018, I couldn’t resist to write an article about his fantastic work.

Fall/Winter collection 2017/2018

Christian Wijnants
Dress By Christian Wijnants

For his new collection, he created high quality knitwear of baby alpaca wool (it feels so soft !!) and cashmere. The silhouette is very clean and has a fluent line.

When I saw the off white dress made of merino wool I wear in the picture, I immediately fell in love.

With the fluent lines, it’s perfect for my figure. Combining it with the lilac virgin wool blend scarf, it looks great. Don’t you think so ?

An oversized coat is also a real must-have. In the one I’ve put on, Christian Wijnants combines two trends in one piece. First, the coat is really oversized, to create that edgy yet trendy look. The cross-hatch pattern gives it that cool factor.

The long, blue wool jacket is perfect for fall days. I like to wear it at all times because it is so comfy and soft.

What do you think about knitwear ?

Please let me know,

xxx, Isabelle

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