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Les Couleurs De Noir

I recently discovered a great make-up brand, called Les Couleurs De Noir.

It’s a brand, developed for women who are allergic to some ingredients which are very often used in many make-up products like certain perfumes or parabens. These products are hypo-allergic and tested on women with an allergy.

hypo-allergic make-up
Les Couleurs De Noir

The perfect lipgloss

The full gloss lip maximizer is perfect for me as I have not the biggest lips like Kim Kardashian for example :-). When I put it on, it gives a little tingling feeling but after a few seconds, that disappears and my lips are shiny and bright.

At the same time, the non-sticky lipgloss hydrates my lips and boosts their volume.

Full gloss lip maximizer

What about the eyes?

With the soft pink color lipstick as one of the colors Les Coleurs De Noir presents, it’s nice to draw the attention on your eyes.

The eye pencil and the mascara are perfect to give your eyes a more pronounced look, especially when you are wearing glasses like me.

The mascara gives the lashes volume as well as length.

The mascara also contains jojoba oil which recovers the volume, the elasticity and the natural glow of the lashes.

Black mascara









The eye pencil with a ultrasoft texture is perfect for sensitive eyes. With the little gum on the other side of the pencil, you can fade your line to create the perfect smoking eye.

Eye pencil

What about powder?

As Fall has come, unfortunately, I’m loosing my tan – like a lot of you I suppose – so I’m in need of a good product that gives me that healthy sunkissed look again.

les couleurs de noir
Soft touch bronzing powder









The soft touch bronzing powder is perfect for that. As it exists in different colors, you can choose which one suits the best for your own natural skin color, this to avoid the clownish look of course.

Where can you get all these products?

You can buy all the make-up products I mention on the website of Les Couleurs De Noir or in your local pharmacy.

If you have the opportunity to try them, I’m curious about your thoughts!

xxx Isabelle





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